Scrap Gold

Scrap Gold & Silver

In its simplest terms, scrap is any metal that is sent to a refiner for recycling. With gold it is mostly broken or unwanted jewelry. By volume silver is generally flatware and hollowware, but can also be borken or unwanted jewelry. Gold and silver coins are rarely melted down because they are already in a readily recognizable format, but may be if they are damaged, severely worn or otherwise unsalable.

We purchase any and all quantities of gold and silver providing it has not been altered in any significant way. Being melted or having engravings obliterated are two ways that may prevent us from being able to complete a purchasing.

    • Russian 8k
    • English 9k & 18k
    • 10k
    • 14k
    • 18k
    • High Karat 20k-24k

    • Sterling
    • .925
    • 925/1000