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Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Woodland California, we happily serve Woodland and all surrounding areas. With over fifteen years of experience and our highest priorities being honesty, integrity, customer service and our community, you are assuredly in good hands during and after each visit.

     Why choose Woodland Gold and Silver?

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is important to us.

Multiple Specializations

Strive for full service.

Values Your Privacy

Your transactions are just that, yours.

Friendly and Considerate

Always happy to see you and be of help.

Honesty and Integrity

We plan to be around for generations.

Community Awareness

A desire to better our community.

Locally Owned

More stays in Woodland.

Fully Compliant

With all Federal, State, City and County laws.

Even more!

No fees! One third down will allow you 30, 60 or 90 days to pay for your non-bullion-related purchase. Time allowed varies by invoice total.
Quick verbal appraisals are free of charge.
Quickly and easily contact us via phone, email or social media.